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Do you own or wish to rent an energy efficient home? Whether selling, buying or renting a property we offer complete solutions for your piece of mind. Browse through our properties, list your property or contact us today to get started. We look forward to being of service.

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Did you know that with the right technology we can transform your home into an energy source which will start generating money for you? You may want to take on all our solutions or simply start a step by step process, surely this will be a great journey of success and great rewards.

Our energy solutions
Solar PV Dish

These innovative systems can be customised to fit any size or shape and offered in a number of colour blends to fit on facades.

Solar Glass

These are solar glass panels which replace existing glass pains to both generate electricity while increasing insulation.

Waste To Energy

These units provide you with gas for cooking and heating. They come in many sizes available for households as well as industry.

grey water
Water Efficiency

Rain water catchment, grey water systems, instant hot water solutions and tap water filtration systems are just some of our solutions.

Energy Efficiency

We will go into detail about all your energy requirements and increase efficiency by installing LED technologies, intelligent lighting systems and charging pods.


When it comes to temperature control, insulation is key so we will look into triple glazing solutions and thermal insulation of the building.

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